Speedo the Special Kitten: A Day in the Life and an Urgent Appeal

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Sweet, loving and adorable foster kitten Speedo


This post on the special needs foster kitten Speedo includes a very sweet ‘Day in the Life’ video showing how adorable, loving, playful and mobile he is, and also includes a desperate appeal for an adopter to give him a loving home and save his life.

We’ve done two previous posts on Speedo, the sweet rescue kitten with mobility issues who was originally thought to have Swimmer’s Syndrome: Speedo the Swimmer Kitten Gets Rehab Help, on September 24, and Speedo’s Alley” – Swimmer Syndrome Kitten Speedo’s Road through Rehabilitation, on October 13.

Speedo was born with splayed out legs that caused mobility issues and he was originally diagnosed with the genetic disorder commonly called Swimmer’s Syndrome, for the manner in which dogs and cats with the condition move their limbs.

Speedo was turned over to the Animal Welfare League of Arlington in Arlington, Virginia by a person who was unable to help him or to deal with the challenges presented by his abnormalities. AWLA placed Speedo in foster care, where he received a combination of physical therapies, including acupuncture and massage therapy, as well as beneficial play.

With rehabilitative physical therapy and tender loving care, Speedo has made great progress toward gaining control of his limbs. He now runs and plays.

Speedo’s foster caregiver described him as an “adorable and energetic” kitten “who is growing in personality by the hour.”

The future looked bright for Speedo until a re-diagnosis of his condition, which has put his life in danger. Speedo is sweet, has made a lot of progress, and has no health issues (or medical expenses) other than incontinence and a somewhat crooked gait. The new diagnosis concluded that Speedo suffered nerve damage during a difficult birth process.

The shelter has decided that Speedo is less adoptable because of his incontinence and, if his foster caregiver cannot rehome him, the shelter plans to have him euthanized.

He has come a long way, has made great strides in overcoming his mobility issues and a is sweet and loving little cat. His only problem aside from a slightly wobbly gait is the incontinence that will require his adopter to express his bladder or provide him with potty pads.

Below is a screen shot from a post made by Speedo’s foster caregiver, entitled ‘Death Row Kitten-Are YOU the One to Save Him?’


Speedo’s wonderful foster caregiver writes in her introduction to the happy video below, which should have been a matter of pure celebration:

“This is Speedo, our foster kitten who was born with a disability. He is the most loving and sweetest kitten in the world. However, because of nerve damage, he is incontinent. This incontinence has led the shelter to decide to go through with euthanasia as the predicted adopter pool would be too small for a shelter to take him in, unless we can find him his forever home. He merely walks a little differently than other kittens, and would need extra care for his incontinence. For example, he would need to have his bladder manually expressed several time throughout the day to minimize and possibly eliminate accidents. This may not be necessary if you have an area you are willing to clean or if you utilize puppy diapers. Obviously, this is the biggest challenge that any home taking Speedo in will have to overcome. However, this could definitely be manageable.

“Most importantly, Speedo is not in any pain, has no current or expected suffering and could live a long and healthy life. Euthanasia was decided simply because of a predicted small adopter pool. Additionally, there is no expected medical care that he will require, so his medical costs would be $0.00! The only extra costs would come from buying puppy pads/puppy diapers if his new family would choose to utilize them. He is mobile, and besides his incontinence, he is very healthy. Ultimately, he deserves a chance at life in a loving home. And we know there is someone out there who can provide him with the time, care and love that he needs to have his fair chance at a long, healthy and loving life.

“We are located in Arlington, VA, and are willing to drive quite the distance if we find a suitable home for Speedo. If you are interested or have any questions please email us at [email protected] We will be able to provide you with much more in depth details on what his care would require and what you could expect.

“And if you can’t take him in or do not know anyone who could, please share this so we can find that home that will give him the love and care that he deserves. Thank you so much!”

Speedo’s foster caregiver has a Shelter Cats and Kittens website. You can also like and follow Shelter Cats and Kittens at Facebook, as well as Twitter.

PLEASE, if you want to help save this deserving kitten, share this post and, far more importantly, the post at the Shelter Cats and Kittens Facebook page that we link to below. Thank you to all who do, and thank you in advance to the person who adopts this sweet boy.
A Day in the Life of Speedo: A sweet, loving and funny kitten who just wants a chance at life.


Clicking this screen grab of a post at Facebook will take you to the Shelter Cats and Kittens page, where you can find and share the original post. Thank you.

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