Special Needs Kitty is, Simply, Special – Meet Pet of the Week Alonzo

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Alonzo 2

This is Alonzo, a handsome 10-month old male domestic short hair who was found playing in alone in a vacant lot by a kind construction worker who took him to the HART shelter, in Cambria, CA. While the kitten didn’t seemed to be bothered by much of anything, it was discovered during his intake he moved with an odd gait and his tail was disabled.

It was then discovered he had a spinal injury that not only affected his back legs, but also impeded his ability to consciously express his bladder and maintain bowel control.  Although euthanasia was discussed, it was also overruled as the tending veterinarian had previous experience with this type of situation.  Dr. Taralyn Meusel shared with writer Verlinda Bailey, that with the right family that was able to assist with his bladder and bowel needs, “Alonzo could have a ‘fantastic quality of life as a family pet in the right household.'”

Dr. Meusel’s report ended optimistically stating, “Our goal for Alonzo is to live a complete life with a human, or team of humans … willing to step in and essentially be the spinal cord and nerves that he does not have. Their reward would be a warm lap, lots of snuggles, and … priceless love.”


His YouTube video shares the following:

Alonzo was brought to the Homeless Animal Rescue Team (HART) in Cambria, CA as a very small kitten. A vet exam discovered a spinal injury that results in urinary and bowel incontinence. Alonzo is a sweet, playful and very friendly cat. HART is looking for the perfect home for him, with someone who is willing and able to manage his special needs (bladder expression, diaper). For more information, contact the Homeless Animal Rescue Team in Cambria, CA. 805-927-7377 www.slohart.org

Although some may say Alonzo may be a special needs kitty, it seems more like Alonzo is a special kitty, period. To learn more about Alonzo, click here, and visit the HART shelter website News and Events page for updates.

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