Special Needs Kitten Dot Arrives at Tabby’s Place

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Dot is a kitten with spina bifida, a birth defect that has left her without the use of her hind legs. Good people in Virginia fostered her until January 13, when she went to her new home at Tabby’s Place sanctuary. Dot is tiny and beautiful, and is very well-loved.

Tiny 2 pound, 4 month old Dot was born in a garage in Virginia, with the inherited condition that leaves her a special needs kitty with mobility issues and a problem with diarrhea. She has been fostered and gained a following of supporters at her Dot – Kitten with Spina Bifida Facebook page in the course of her short life, and now she has gone to her new home at a sanctuary.

Those who know Dot remark on her sweetness, her zest for life and her winning personality and say she does not think of herself as special needs.  The little cat has made many friends and now she will make a new life for herself where she can be helped to continue to adapt to her condition, and to thrive.

Dot is adept at getting around without the use of her back legs, but she will get wheels when she is a bit bigger, and ready for them. Her medical caregivers will work on resolving her diarrhea, if possible.

Tabby’s Place Cat Sanctuary is located in Ringoes, New Jersey. They specialize in taking cats from hopeless situations.  The cats are allowed freedom to lounge and roam in open suites. The sanctuary generally gives precedence to cats in danger of  shelter euthanization and it maintains an adoption program, so places open up as cats get adopted out.

Here is sweet little Dot as she arrives at her new home.

Note: The cardboard box crate is to protect Dot from accidentally hurting herself in a hard shell/metal front crate..

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