Spay and Play at Big Cat Rescue!

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Tampa, Florida-based Big Cat Rescue, the largest accredited sanctuary in the world dedicated completely to abused and abandoned big cats, is lending a king-sized paw to benefit the smaller set with their Spay and Play program.

Big Cat Rescue is dedicated to supporting education and responsibility. In an effort to recognize and reward conscientious pet ownership, they are offering a free Day Tour pass ($29 value) to guests who bring to the sanctuary:

  • an original vet-issued receipt indicating a spay/neuter service was performed in the past year


  • an original receipt showing a shelter adoption of a spayed/neutered pet within the last year.

The Day Tour is a 1.5 hour guided, walking tour.  Because the facility is a sanctuary and not a zoo, it is important that all visits are accompanied by a trained guide who teaches guests about the residents and what we can do to help keep all their feline brothers and sisters around the globe  safe and protected by stronger laws.

According to the Big Cat Rescue site, by allowing one litter of four, you are responsible for a minimum of 52 more cats in just 14 months.

Need a resource for low-cost spay/neuter programs in your area?  The ASPCA provides a search tool from which you can locate clinics in your community or agencies that offer referrals or assistance.

Of course, we can’t post a story about Big Cat Rescue without featuring one of their many big cat videos!  Curious about feeding time at the sanctuary?  At mealtime,  leopards, lions, and bobcats demonstrate just as much impatient enthusiasm as housecats!  And you wouldn’t believe the amount of quality food they go through in a year!  Take a look:

Thank you, Big Cat Rescue, for your continued vigilance in educating the public about acting respectfully and responsibly toward all creatures, big and small!

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  1. I’ve had the pleasure of going to BCR twice now, can’t wait to go back for the night time feeding tour..

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