Sparky the Cat is Rescued After4 Days Up a Utility Pole

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A cat is being cared for at the Pennsylvania SPCA after being rescued yesterday from a 40 foot high utility pole where she had been stuck since Sunday outside the organization’s Erie Avenue, Philadelphia headquarters.

The black and white cat was dropped off on Sept. 9 in front of the Pennsylvania SPCA by an unknown person most likely in hope that the organization would find a home for her. A client of the SPCA’s veterinary clinic was bringing a dog in for services and noticed the cat. Unfortunately, the dog startled the animal which ran up the pole where she remained until a dramatic rescue.

Pennsylvania SPCA representatives gave the cat time to retreat on its own and also attempted to lure it down with food to no avail. But the cat would not budge. Because of the danger involved on the high tension poles, PECO was called in to assist.

With Pennsylvania SPCA staffers on the ground with nets and blankets ready to catch the cat in case it fell or jumped, a PECO line mechanic in a bucket was able to reach the terrified female cat which is approximately a year old. With the aid of a net provided by the SPCA he was able to scoop up the cat and bring it to safety. A unit from the Philadelphia Fire Department was on hand to provide back-up assistance.

“We are extremely grateful to PECO for their assistance and for going beyond the call of duty to help us,” said Jerry Buckley, CEO for the Pennsylvania SPCA. “Not all of our animal rescues are this dramatic, of course, but everyone – from our staff to visitors and clients of the Pennsylvania SPCA — is relieved that it had a good outcome and she is safe.”

The cat, named Sparky by staff, is recuperating from her ordeal in the Pennsylvania SPCA’s Shelter Hospital where she is receiving IV fluids for dehydration and is being fed. She had a flea collar but did not have any other ID or microchip. Once she has recovered, she will be available for adoption.




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