Sparky and His Nail-Biting Descent

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Sparky was clearly a fireman in a former life.

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  1. Sparky the Firecat!? He’s got the spots & I’d bet no dalmatian can slide down a pole like that!

  2. OMGosh that’s too funny, never expected him to shimmy and slide down that pole~! This is why cats should never be out, us Mom’s would have a heart attack watching that~!

  3. My question is how did Sparky get up there in the first place?? Seems to me somebody had to put him up there because there was no way he could climb a metal pole 🙁

  4. I don’t know many cats that climb chain link fences, but then again I don’t know any cats that slide down poles – lol! Let’s just hope he is a silly adventurous cat who got himself into that situation ^=.=^

  5. Absolutely EXCELLENT video! Definitely have to wonder how he got up there, though… none of my cats are graceful, physical, or brave enough to even think about trying that! They’re now allowed outside, either… lol…

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