South Carolina Kitten in Pipe 43-Feet Down Saved With Help of California Rescuers

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Jessie was rescued from a four-inch pipe 43 feet underground with people coming all the way from as far away as California is assist with his retrieval. (Photo: WIS)

When an alert homeowner recognized the plaintiff cries of a kitten in a well they immediately reached out to a network of animal rescuers, including a pair located across the country.

“Initially, I didn’t even think of jumping on an airplane and coming over. I just gave her [the homeowner] ideas on how to get it done,” Eldad Hagar, founder of Hope for Paws, told WIS. “But then, I heard there were other attempts to save him and it created even more obstacles.”

With that incentive, Hagar and Loreta Frankonyte caught the red-eye for Charlotte (NC) and inside 15 hours they were at the site ready to rescue five-week-old Jessie.

Working alongside a plumber from Freedom Plumbing, the team used all the collective skills to “MacGyver” their way to a successful extraction.

“That moment where I got him and I was able to secure him, I almost couldn’t believe it. Like I pulled him a little bit, and I’m like, ‘Oh my God! I do have him!'” said Hagar. “It was almost like being a doctor and delivering a baby because he came from that pipe!”

“I don’t know how many lives he has, but he’s the luckiest cat in the world,” added Frankonyte. | Charleston, SC | News, Weather, Sports

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