Sousou’s Story

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While fixing a broken window, this skinny tired girl came out of a paddock and wanted a pat. She is now at the vet, where she will be getting desexed, wormed, flead, chipped, and washed. Say hello to Sousou.

Earlier this week, Aussie Reddit user doxxus shared the photo of himself with the friendly little cat who wanted and needed someone to care for her. Sousou came up to him on Monday while he was out by a paddock doing a job, and found herself a caring home.

Doxxus wrote:

This little thing came up to me as I was about to pull out some broken glass, started mewing and wanting a pat. I had a look at the girl and her fur was mottled in places, she was bones, looking tired, but very approachable. I gave her some of my water and she lapped it up. I gave her some scratch time on the belly and when I went to my van to get some tools, she followed and jumped in.

I decided to have another look at her. Her coat was dirty (except her chest), but she didn’t seem to have any fleas. I kept her in my van with the aircon going (sunny and warm in Melbourne today), and once I had finished my job, took her to a pet store to get a cardboard carrier and some treats. After that, I took her back to my factory to show my wife, who agreed we should see if she were chipped.

Once at the vet, the vet’s wife told me she looks 3 – 6 months old, and was not chipped but once her husband came back he can have a good look at her, and if we wanted to keep her they can proceed with all the things (and more) listed in the thread title. I’ll be picking her up tomorrow afternoon, and supplying plenty of boxes and food for my girl. Nice present for a day after my birthday, and a gift for my 6mo daughter 😀

edit: have to add, she enjoyed jumping on me”

The following day, doxxus updated:

Just went past the vet, she’s all desexed and everything, I’ll be picking her up in 6 hours. Turns out she is actually 8-9 months old. She needs a good feeding. Other than that, the vet says she is healthy. So no skin problems or worms etc. Very happy. She can play in all the empty nappy boxes now. Need to do a huge shop.

The empty nappy boxes are from the family’s 6 month old daughter, who will learn about the human/animal bond at an early age. The photo below was shared today, three days after Sousou’s rescue.

At the moment I have her in an enclosure until her stitches are removed (this coming Wednesday), so I take her for walks around the yard when I come home from work. She just takes it easy, lies where she wants to, and comes when I call her. The first night, I gave her a lot of food. But now I only give her a feed in the morning, and one at evening. She really has picked up in energy, but is still calm on the leash, or even in my lap. I can feel that her belly is better off as well. She is still VERY bony, but my vet had said in 3 months she should be in top condition. Her fur, after her wash, is beautiful.

I forgot to mention in my previous posts, my vet told me that this poor little 9 month old kitten had already had a litter when she was younger. I thought as much when I found her as her nipples were showing as if she had fed, but there was no milk. What happened to her kittens, I could only imagine :/

I think this is what contributes to her character right now. She had birthed very young, had been starving, and once I gave her some water and pats, she seemed to accept it. The thing is, the job I was at was actually meant to be done the next day, but I decided to go on the Monday because I was bored at the factory and wanted to get out, do my work and listen to audiobooks (currently A Clash of Kings). If I had done the job on the Tuesday, I would no doubt that we would have missed each other.

When someone specualted on whether Sousou had a family, and noted that, if she had, she had received very substandard care, doxus replied, My thoughts are if she does indeed have a home, the owners could call the number that is plastered on the side of my work van and explain to me how they let her get in such a state.

By chance, a little cat who wanted someone to love and care for her met the right man who happened to be at the right place at the right time.



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