Soldier who adopted stray cat from Afghanistan helps stray cat back at home

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Army Staff Sergeant Edward Gordon leaving FACE this week with a trap


A soldier who rescued a stray cat in Afghanistan and brought her back home with him to the US in 2013 has stepped up to help the strays in his community and is getting thanks from animal lovers near and far after an organization shared his story to Facebook this week.

Army Staff Sergeant Edward Gordon came to the attention of FACE Low-Cost Spay/Neuter Clinic in Indianapolis, Indiana this week when he stopped in to get help for a stray cat he has been feeding. Edward left FACE as a volunteer in their caretaker program that day, and the organization was so impressed with him they shared his story.

FACE Low-Cost, Spay/Neuter Clinic wrote at Facebook Tuesday, saying:

This is Edward.

He is currently home from Afghanistan and he came in today to get help for a stray cat he is feeding at his house. We signed him up as a caretaker in our program and provided him with a trap, shelter and tips to care for the cat. Cat men are already totally cool in our book, but his back story gets better.

Check this out! While in Afghanistan he befriended a stray cat he named “Mousetrap” due to her extraordinary mousing skills. When it was time to come home, Edward refused to leave her behind and sought a way to bring her home to the states with him. He got connected to a rescue group called Nowzad which helps soldiers on the front lines of Afghanistan rescue the companion animals they had adopted during their tour of duty. The trick was, Edward had to get her to Kabul from the front lines. Edward was able to secure a taxi and Mousetrap traveled over 100 miles to Kabul. Nowzad then safely transported her to the U.S.
(Edward thought it was pretty amusing that Mousetrap made it back to the states before he did.)

Once he was back in the states, cat and catman were reunited and they live together now, safe and sound, right here in Indianapolis.

Nowzad wrote about Mousetrap at their website some time ago, saying: Mousetrap lived on a base in Paktika. Everyone knew she was there but no one ever saw her. Food would be put out for her each night but by morning both the food and she has gone. After a few months Mousetrap started to show herself and quickly won her way into the heart of one of the soldiers on the base.

She arrived at the shelter in Sept 2013 and we were able to reunite her with her soldier in America in October 2013.

Edward told RTV6 News that Mousetrap was a morale booster for him while he was stationed at a run-down Forward Operating base in southeastern Afghanistan.

“When a cat brings you that much joy under those conditions, there is no way that you can even think about leaving her behind,” he said. “It was a long shot from the start, but with the help of Nowzad, the Soldiers’ Animal Companion Fund and a few others, the plan came together and she made it safely to the Nowzad shelter in Kabul. It was a long journey for this little kitty, but she’s home now.

FACE’s Facebook post about Edward has garnered several thousands of likes and shares and several hundred comments – all positive.


Mousetrap in Afghanistan


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  1. You are definitely an angel and hero sir !!! I am proud not only of your service to our country, but to the cats you are helping to save and for the love you give Mousetrap !! Thank you for being a real man !!

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