Social Media Helps Shelter Cat Find New Home After Five Years

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Image source: Portland Tribune
Image source: Portland Tribune

Lacey, a six-year-old cat, had spent the majority of her life in a shelter. She was found in a landfill when she was about a year old, and was brought to the Florence Area Humane Society in Oregon. Thanks to the power of social media, though, Lacey has finally found a home.

Lacey was pregnant when she was brought into the shelter, and was covered in mites and fleas. After giving birth, her kittens were adopted but she wasn’t. She lived at the shelter for three years until she was sent to the Cat Adoption Team in Sherwood, Oregon.

Hopes were that the Cat Adoption Team, an all-cat rescue, would be able to find Lacey an adoptive home. The shelter tried placing Lacey in a variety of environments to encourage her to settle down, but she didn’t relax into the shelter environment. She started to display stress-related issues, like nipping and swatting during visits with potential adopters, which made it difficult to find the right home for her.

Still, the Cat Adoption Team didn’t give up. They included Lacey in promotions, and even waived her adoption fee to encourage an adopter to bring her home. None of these efforts worked.

When a shelter home opened up, Lacey changed. Her health and personality improved, and her affectionate nature emerged. The Cat Adoption Team wrote up and posted Lacey’s story to their website, and it was shared on social media.

It was through social media that Brittany Chandler, of Beaverton, Oregon, learned about Lacey. Chandler often rescues homeless animals and knew that she could give Lacey a great home. Lacey’s story was published on a Monday, and Chandler brought her home that following Sunday.

For Lacey, patience paid off in a loving home. Her story is a reminder of how important it is to consider adopting adult cats from shelters, especially when kittens are in constant demand. Lacey was lucky enough to be given a chance to finally have a home of her own.

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