Snow: How a Foster Home Can Make All the Difference

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Snow Before
Snow Before

One cold November day, a little white ball of fur that would later be appropriately named Snow, showed up on the doorstep of Every Creature Counts, a no-kill rescue organization in Fort Lupton, Colorado. She had been picked up off the streets by a local animal control agency and was in bad condition.

Snow was around a year old, was not spayed and was missing her ears. Soon, other things became apparent: she was deaf; she was sick with raging diarrhea; she was too thin; and she was afraid of everyone and everything. It sure wasn’t looking hopeful for Snow!

To make matters worse, she would not eat and got very depressed at the shelter. She got the reputation of being the “mean cat” because she had been terrified to be in a cage and would bite and scratch anyone who tried to touch her.

Finally, a brave volunteer decided to take Snow home and foster her. Soon after arriving in her foster home, extensive fecal exams indicated that she had a rare parasite which is difficult to diagnose and difficult to treat. Snow was not easy to medicate due to her resistance to being touched. However, she quickly realized that her foster mother only wanted to help her.

After only a week, Snow began to eat and take her meds like a trooper! After seven months of various medication, special food and LOTS of love and attention, Snow grew into a beautiful, loving and playful cat who relished sitting on laps and being petted.

Snow After
Snow After

What a transformation being in a foster home had on her! After recuperating in the dedicated care of her foster mother, Snow was adopted into a forever home and is now healthy, loving and loved, and just doing wonderfully!


Snow’s story is just one of the many success stories that Every Creature Counts has encountered. Every Creature Counts is a no-kill dog and cat rescue organization in Fort Lupton, Colorado. Their mission is to eliminate the pet over-population problem. They rescue over 2,500 dogs and cats annually and adopt them into loving homes.

Every Creature Counts also operates a low-cost spay/neuter, vaccination and dental clinic for dogs and cats. The clinic spays and neuters over 8,000 animals each year.

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  2. Imagine my surprise when I ran across this story. I am the very lucky lady who welcomed Snow into her forever home. I can attest first hand to the wonderful work of her foster mom and the efforts of Every Creature Counts. Snow is a very happy, healthy ball of fun who loves to be the center of attention. You would never know the difficult start she had in life thanks to the love and dedication of her caretakers. People who foster rarely get the recognition they deserve, but they change the world for those in their care and those who reap the benefits later, myself included.

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