Smiling Rocky is New Jersey Boy Hoping to Get Noticed

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Rocky has the sweetest smile. And this New Jersey boy is hoping to get noticed real soon so he doesn’t have to go back into a cage.

Right now, Rocky is in residence at the West Milford Animal Shelter in West Milford, New Jersey. He’s got a lot going for him personality wise, as you can see. The staff there really adore him and hope to find a furever home for someone who needs a great lap cat.

Here’s Rocky’s story, as seen on the Facebook page for the West Milford Animal Shelter.  “A few months ago we turned our Library Cattery for quiet cats into our VIF Cattery: Very Important Feline Cattery for FIV Positive cats. So the five or so FIV boys we had could get out of their cages and enjoy life a little until they found homes!”

There were two VIG cats left, Rocky and Giuseppe, who just got adopted. Rocky is a lap cat who lose to cuddle. They are both amazing cats who love “Unfortunately, now we are getting more and more cats coming in. And we are probably going to have to convert that cattery back to the Library. That’s great for all the new cats coming in…but not so great for Rocky, who will have to go back into the adoption room after their months of freedom.”

“This makes it very important that we get them noticed and hopefully adopted VERY SOON.” Rocky is a great cat who deserves a home and should not have to spend his day in a cage.

Please share and tell anyone you know who is looking for a great lap cat to come meet Rock at West Milford Animal Shelter.

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