Smiles All Around After Kitten Is Saved from Recyling Conveyor Belt

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A tiny kitten escaped certain death when an alert employee grabbed it off a conveyor belt at a massive recycling plant in Galt, California. The feel-good story was reported by CNN and KCRA and posted on YouTube by VUZ TV.

KCRA/Tom Miller
This survivor kitten won the hearts of recycling plant workers, one of whom is adopting her. (Screengrab: KCRA/Tom Miller)

The survivor kitten likely made it through a ride on a garbage truck before a tractor pushed her onto the first of two conveyor belts. After a several foot fall from one belt to another, operator Tony Miranda spotted her, according to the KCRA report from the scene. “It’s just amazing that a little kitty survived through all of this,” said Mirando, who rescued the kitten. “It made my day. It definitely made my day.”

The kitten was surrounded by paper and plastics flying by on the fast-moving belt. “It was hard to see it but I spotted it really quick,” said Mirando, who grabbed the kitten just in time. The news video shows the whirring blades of the compacting system. “It spins really fast. It could have really died in there,” said Mirando. “I pretty much just found it between all the debris and bags and just everything,” he said. “I just grabbed it and immediately reported it to the line supervisor.”

It wasn’t long before others responded. “Over the radio I heard that they found a live cat. And I was curious because that’s just amazing,” said supervisor Heather Garcia. Garcia adopted the hand-sized tabby and named her Murphy.

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