SmART Team Saves 2 Kittens: The Story on Video, From Rescue to Foster Care

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LA Animal Services’ SmART team rescue squad makes great videos of their small animal rescues. This time they go beyond the dramatic part of the rescue to show what happens next, as two babies head to foster care.

LA Animal Services’ Small Animal Rescue Team shows some of the rest of the story with this rescue. Many times, especially with kittens or puppies, the dramatic rescue of an animal is just the beginning of the full story. In this case, the SmART team locates and removes two tiny unweaned kittens from beneath a house. Then, its up to veterinary staff to evaluate and tend to them, and for animal services staff to reach out to animal lovers in the community to find foster care. From there, the foster caregiver will provide care and attention as the motherless babies grow. Hopefully, the case will include an eventual adoption.

Here’s what the team has to say:

SmART rescued two unweaned kittens that were orphaned and trapped under a house in South LA.  Once rescued, the daunting task of finding a Foster Guardian to care for the kittens began. Luckily, the staff at the LA Animal Services South LA Animal Shelter came up big!

After the kittens were examined by LAAS Registered Vet Tech Karlee Cabana and deemed healthy, ACT Supervisor Martha Lopez contacted a Foster Guardian.  Within minutes, the kittens were on their way to a new life.

SmART would like to thank RVT Karlee Cabana and ACT Supervisor Martha Lopez for their dedication and commitment to protecting animals lives and providing love!

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  1. So nice to see some of the faces who these miracle rescues! THANK YOU to everyone at LA Animal Services’ SmART team and the rescue squads, and the staff for all that you do for these fur kids and for taking such good care of them once they have been rescued.

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