Slinko Comes Out

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Slinko head shot
Photo via Cat Eyes—A Cat Woman’s Photos

Slinko the cat was thought to be feral when he was rescued along with several other cats being fed at an apartment complex in Albany, Oregon. He seemed wild and lived in his rescuer’s cat yard for close to a year before suddenly warming up and showing a tame and friendly side.  Now this friendly boy needs a loving home.

We learned about Slinko this morning upon seeing his video at rescuer/caretaker Catweedhigh‘s Youtube channel. When preparing this post, we discovered the woman’s blog, Cat Eyes—A Cat Woman’s Photos, where she posts as Strayer, along with a Facebook page for several of the cats in her care, and a new page for Slinko, started to help find him a home.

Strayer writes this introduction to the video at YouTube:

“Slinko has been with me a year. For most of that year, he hung out in the cat yard and I thought he was feral. He’d lived on the grounds of an apartment complex and management decreed tenants there stop feeding. The cats were fated a slow death. I intervened on behalf of the cats and trapped them, got them fixed, and found most homes.

“Slinko remained here, slinking about, acting wild. Until this January. In January, Slinko came out as tame. He just could not contain his tameness any longer. No cat should have to hide it. I accept him as tame just like I accepted him when I thought him wild and that’s how it should be. Slinko is waiting for a home.”

she wrote today at the blog:

“Slinko is awesome. No way around that label for this kitty.

“He’s all boy. He’s rowdy and wildly playful. He’s enthusiastic and he couldn’t care less if he accidentally runs into another cat when he’s playing. The drama screams from outraged cats seeking victim status do affect him. He doesn’t understand.

“He tries hard to keep it gentle when I’m petting him, keeping the claws in. He is wonderful.

“He didn’t understand much about group dynamics when he came here, so he kept a low profile, and was OK with me thinking he was feral.

“Cold weather, snow arrived, cat yard wasn’t good enough and in he came. Wasn’t long before I noticed his arched back and prancing back feet—sure sign a cat wants some attention. Then he wouldn’t let me be. He runs through my legs when I walk. I don’t think he is trying to trip me, on purpose, but he trips me.

“This is an awesome cat. He no doubt would act shy guy at first in a new home, but eventually he will take over. He LOVES to play. He also likes to cuddle.”

Please visit Slinko’s new Facebook page, A Home for Slinko. The page has only a very small number of ‘likes’ so far and not a lot of engagement. The easiest way to help this kitty find a home would be to like his page and share it. Likewise, sharing this post may help.

Slinko has been living with his rescuer for slightly over a year. He and she could use some help getting him into a forever home. He is in Albany, Oregon, south of Portland and very near Corvallis.

Here is the friendly boy in action:


Strayer describes herself at her Catweedhigh YouTube channel like this:

“I am a cat woman, a cat trapper, a spayaholic, and a little bit eccentric. I love crawling under trailers to net feral kittens. I love climbing grass seed pallet stacks to net feral kittens up near the tops of warehouses. I love trapping or netting feral cats for fixing. I love hanging out with feral cats and a clear black night with the stars shining. I LOVE cats. The cats saved me, you see. I had nobody. I lived along a river in Oregon with a colony of feral cats who became my family. I am a human stray. I am one of them. I know how they struggle. I owe the strays my life.”



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