Skittles Goes Home

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We told Skittles’ story on Wednesday, in Skittles is Headed 2,000 Miles Back Home After Long Ordeal and Online Fame. Skittles is the 15 year old cat who, in September, pushed through a screen in the RV her family was traveling in and spent six weeks on her own, foraging for food and water while evading predators at Pokagon State Park in Fremont, Indiana, where he family stopped along the way between Pennsylvania and their Reno, Nevada home.

A park ranger found Skittles, then Friends of Felines Rescue Center of Defiance, Ohio cared for her from October, 6 until yesterday morning. Skittles was covered in fleas and ticks, was slightly dehydrated, had lost a couple of pounds, and showed traces of blood in her urine, so the rescue helped her to recuperate from her ordeal before sending her home. During that time, the cat became well known to viewers of FFRC’s Ustream live 24/7 Kitty Cam, who raised funds for her transport.

Thursday morning, FFRC director Jackie Moss personally delivered Skittles to grateful petmom Brenda Hershey at Reno-Tahoe International airport, and KTVN channel 2 news was there to document the reunion. Brenda said, “She’s my little girl. She’s my kitty, with my dog my son and our family’s complete now here in Reno.”

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  1. We go camping regularly and see cats and sometimes even dogs who have escaped from RVs and were left behind. We were able to rescue one of them and turn her over, with a donation for her care, to a local Rescue in the area.

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