Skinny the Cat Loses Weight

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Skinny weighed between 41 and 42 pounds when he was found in a woman’s fenced, gated back yard in Richardson, Texas and was taken to the  Richardson Animal Shelter on September 13. The huge orange and white tabby with the sweet disposition did not likely travel far or enter the yard by himself, given that he had great difficulty moving around. Between his weight, his cleanliness and his disposition, it was thought that he had recently been someone’s beloved pet. His life circumstances were a mystery.

The shelter waited a week for an owner to call or come by and then placed Skinny up for adoption. He was quickly removed from the shelter’s adoptables, though, when the shelter decided he needed to receive rehabilitative care in a controlled environment. They searched for a shelter experienced at helping cats like Skinny to lose weight healthfully.

Skinny was sent to the East Lake Pet Orphanage/Pet Hospital in east Dallas, where he has done well under the care of  Dr. Brittney Barton. He is down to 37 pounds and can more more easily. Dr. Barton feels he may be ready for a modest exercise plan now. He has been getting his exercise walking around the clinic as staff tidies up at closing time. Skinny has had to walk in short, fast spurts because his lower limbs, just above his feet, shake from the pressure of his weight when he walks. Skinny has a television in his area at the clinic, which helps keep his mind stimulated as he reacts to its movements and sounds.

Skinny will appear on television in an in studio appearance on Sunday, October 18, on DFW Close Up on channel CW 33. He will travel by stroller, to minimize the stress on him.

Skinny’s well wishers can follow him on Twitter at skinnythecat, @realskinnycat.

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