Sisters rescue box of abandoned kittens from road

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Two Texas girls who rescued a litter of abandoned kittens this week understand more about responsible pet ownership and compassion than many adults.

Sisters Allissia and Jasmine Mizell, of Orangefield, found the kittens and brought them home, and later spoke with Channel 12 news.

The girls were riding home from the store when they saw a box  in the middle of the road. They stopped to investigate and discovered the abandoned kittens.

“People should not dump kittens like that,” one of the girls told Channel 12. “They dumped them off with a bag of food, hard food and they can’t even eat hard food yet.”

The sisters say it is not uncommon to find abandoned pets dumped in their rural community.

“You can’t just dump animals on the side of the road. It’s not right,” one said.

This is not the girls’ first rescue. The family has a cat named Oreo, who the sisters saved when they found him left on the same road five years go.

Allissia and Jasmine have decided to do the responsible thing as petparents and not keep more pets than they can care for. They will keep one of the rescued kittens and find homes for the rest. Channel 12 is helping out by giving out a phone nmber for interested local adopters.

The sisters find it hurtful knowing that some people will abandon an animal rather than taking it to the shelter.

“You shouldn’t have gotten it in the first place if you can’t take care of it,” said the girls.

Watch the story at Channel 12 News:

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