Singapore outraged over CCTV footage of kitten being dumped into bin

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The older man in the CCTV footage below drove up to the James Tan Veterinary Centre in Singapore on November 22, parked his Mercedes, got out with a cat carrier and spent several seconds at the trash bin before getting back into his car. A young girl riding with him hovers around while he upends the carrier over the bin.

Staff from the vet centre noticed a rumbling in the bin later on and found the male kitten, who was frightened but otherwise unhurt. A review of  the security footage caught the dumping incident as it unfolded, and the video has been widely seen, sparking outrage among Singaporeans.

Public sentiment toward the culprit is intense, and authorities are trying to obtain the dumper’s license tag number from the footage in order to make an ID and an arrest.  If charged and convicted the man can be fined $10,000 and given a year in prison.

6 thoughts on “Singapore outraged over CCTV footage of kitten being dumped into bin”

  1. Unbelievable. What kind of person do something like this? He should rot in prison. Fortunatelly, he is stupid and will be identified.

  2. This is DISGUSTING,this guy is SCUM!!!! Dumping an innocent little kitten in the garbage like this is beyond words but doing it in front of his little daughter is reprehensible!!! What sort of example is he setting for her,she will probly abuse animals as well since Daddy does!!!!

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