Simon, Injured Kitten Given Chance at Recovery

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Two weeks ago we read about yet another case of an injured kitten when a young man and woman were found living in an abandoned Louisville, Kentucky hotel. Police came to the hotel on a report of a woman being held there against her will and found 18 year old Marissa Mulford and 21 year old Steven Cox. They also found a seriously injured kitten that news reports said was probably going to have to be euthanized. Cox was charged with torturing a cat and jailed with a $5,000 cash bond. Both were charged with criminal trespass. Mulford claimed to be a victim of abuse and tried to make her case on a message thread under a local news story.

Cox admitted he “grabbed the kitten by his neck and the kitten fell off the balcony.” Police said Cox’s version of events does not hold up to examination. They say Cox picked the kitten up by the neck and threw him. “The injuries were caused by an intentional act which caused pain and suffering, which resulted in serious physical injuries and possible death.”

We chose not to report the story, addeding to the list of sad and terrible things we see but do not share. That changed today when we came across the Facebook page of the Shamrock Foundation and learned the kitten was not euthanized but is getting a chance to recover from his injuries. He remains in serious condition while receiving treatment in the Shamrock Pet Foundation‘s care, though the group’s Arrow Fund. The Shamrock Arrow Fund provides medical treatment to Kentucky animals who have been the victims of torture or extreme forms of abuse and neglect.

The group first mentioned the kitten, a 5 month old fluffy orange fellow they named Simon, on October 25, a few days after he was taken from the hotel. “JUST IN – CAT THROWN FROM SECOND BALCONY HOTEL – IN CRITICAL CONDITION – IS IN SURGERY NOW. FELONY TORTURE CHARGES HAVE BEEN FILED. WE HAVE NAMED HIM “SIMON” – THIS CASE WILL BE COSTLY – HE HAS AT LEAST 4 SURGURIES TO ENDURE . BROKEN BONES. PLEASE PRAY AND SEND POSITIVE ENERGY FOR THIS BOY.” Simon was being helped by Dr. Lauren Mesich and the staff at Blue Pearl Veterinary Partners.

Simon, the day after his surgery

Simon was in surgery for 11 hours and remained in crital condition afterward.  He was given an external fixator on his left back leg. His left hip and pelvis required surgery, as did an open fracture to his left hind femur. He had pins placed in his left front leg. He was on an IV drip with pain meds and antibiotics. A member of the Shamrock foundation commented, ” He is such a small baby. Please keep this boy in your thoughts and prayers … he needs it! He is stable and did eat today. I told him today that nobody would ever hurt him again.”

By Sunday the 28th, Simon was stable but there was a possibility he might have more surgeries the following day if Dr. Mesich felt it was the right thing to do. By that time, “The staff at Blue Pearl are in love with him ! He is so good when they clean his wounds and the external fixator. Bless his heart, he moves his head and just watches them…. He is now on pain meds and anti-biotics by mouth instead of an IV.”

The one week post-op update of November 3 noted that Simon had severe  coccidia and  severe diarrhea that was beginning to come under control . He was eating well, remained closely monitored and was on several meds.

Simon is described as purring and having a great spirit, even though he has to be kept still so his small broken body can heal.


The Shamrock Foundation is a non-profit organization in Louisville, KY whose mission is to end pet overpopulation, reduce the number of companion animals destroyed in local shelters, and to save or enhance the lives of animals in need in our community. This is accomplished through spay/neuter, education, emergency medical assistance, rescue, foster care, and the adoption of pets into loving lifetime homes. The organization is made up of a group of highly committed, unpaid volunteers who have a passion for their mission and its goals.

The Shamrock Foundation is accepting donations for Simon’s care through its Arrow Fund. There are links above for anyone who wants to visit the groups’ website, Facebook or donation page.


8 thoughts on “Simon, Injured Kitten Given Chance at Recovery”

  1. Bless Simon’s little heart! Another cruel case of animal abuse, but, when it comes to the end, in spite of the suffering he went through, and the pain that he must be feeling, this little kitty definitely knows that good people are trying to help him and give him a second chance! My prayers are with another kitty victim of animal abuse that he may recover from his injuries and find a forever home where he is loved, cared for, and cherished!

  2. Will Simon make it? I am praying for him and for a slow death for that evil man. If he needs a home, i will come and get him poor little babycat.

  3. Hope the person that did this rots in hell or jail, not picky here, Glad this poor kitty is being loved and cared for. What bastards live among us???

  4. There are angels on this earth and some of them are Dr. Lauren Mesich and the staff at Blue Pearl Veterinary Partners. I want to cry reading about poor Simon. I have fixed up small injuries on homeless kitties and it hurts me seeing their little wounds. It has to take a steel will to see the injuried animals and specially the ones that were injured through on purpose by abuse. The members of the Shamrock Foundation are also angels. Bless you all. Hope Simon will soon be a healthy happy kitty with a forever home with some humans for him to snuggle with =^..^=.

  5. All my positive energy and love to you little man. Hang in there. I know you will find the best home in the world and know nothing but love and kindness forever.

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