Shrink-Wrapped and Shipped, Miracle Kitten Saved by UPS Driver

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(WREG Channel 3)

A  kitten that was shrink-wrapped to the top of a package and shipped from Chicago to Memphis just barely survived his ordeal, thanks an alert UPS driver. “He’s a tough little guy,” said veterinarian Caroline McCutcheon.

The kitten, named Joey, had been trapped in a shrink-wrapped package for four days, according to the report on News Channel 3, WREG. “He was flattened with his legs splayed out to the side and his head up. He couldn’t move his legs,” said Dr. McCutcheon of Park Avenue Animal Hospital in Memphis

(WREG Channel 3)

McCutcheon told WREG’s Michael Quander that a UPS delivery driver heard a faint meow in the back of his truck. He went to investigate and discovered Joey shrink-wrapped to the top of a package. The driver immediately freed the kitten and took him to the vet. “He’s a cat person, and it just really broke his heart,” said McCutcheon of the driver.


Joey was dehydrated and hypoglycemic. McCutcheon said she doubts the kitten would have made it another day. “He was probably a warehouse kitten who got caught up in the machinery, said McCutcheon. “I don’t think this was malicious. It was just an accident. Nobody knew he was in there.”

Joey had trouble walking, but is now fully recovered. The staff at the hospital is already very fond of Joey, she said. “We’re going to be very particular about Joey,” and who adopts him, said McCutcheon.




5 thoughts on “Shrink-Wrapped and Shipped, Miracle Kitten Saved by UPS Driver”

  1. heartbreaking to say I am not surprised no one noticed this poor sweet thing. this time of year the only thing UPS employees are focused on is loading trucks and getting them on the road. You have to work there to understand. These guys are banging on doors at 1030 pm so they can go back to the hub with empty trucks. No rest for them during the Christmas season.

  2. Yes, I agree. Apparently his pale white color was very similar to the package, and made it hard to spot him. Luckily, one driver did, just in time.

  3. I think the most telling part of this mans character is that I dont see a photo of the kitten trapped- his first instinct was to free it and get it help, not to put a pic of it online.

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