Shelter Reunites Mama Cat With Her Abandoned Newborn Kittens

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Six newborn kittens abandoned in a cooler on a Surrey, British Columbia sidewalk on Aug. 27 have been reunited with their mother. BC SPCA officers set out live traps Tuesday in the area where the tiny kittens were discovered, and at 10:30 p.m. the mother cat, searching the area for her babies, was lured into the trap.

The kittens, who were dehydrated and appeared lifeless when found, were left in a light grey cooler in direct sunlight on a sidewalk near Whalley Boulevard and 108 Avenue with a sign that read “free kittens”. Their eyes were closed, and some still had their umbilical cords attached.

“Mom and babies were thrilled to be reunited and the babies have already gained some weight now that they are nursing,” said Lorie Chortyk, general manager of community relations for the BC SPCA. “It is so crucial for newborns to have the nutrients from their mother’s milk and they were very agitated without their mother. Now they are curled up with her, very calm and happy.”

The reunited family spent the day at the BC SPCA Animal Hospital in Vancouver and will be placed in an SPCA foster home for the next eight weeks until the kittens are ready for adoption.

The adult cat had no identification but SPCA officers are continuing their search for the owner. Anyone with information about the owner or who may have abandoned the kittens in the cooler is asked to call the BC SPCA animal cruelty department at 604-647-1318.


A reporter from CTV spotted Mama cat when she was on the scene, and the cat was later successfully trapped by the BC SPCA.


Click HERE for the report where Mama kitty is spotted by reporter Julia Foy near the place where her kittens were left in the cooler.

Click HERE for raw video of the kittens .


The SPCA asks anyone who might recognize this cooler to contact them.

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