Shelter Fire Sends Cats Running Into The Night: Search Continues For the Missing

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Numerous cats ran out the door of the Animal Aid humane Society last night as firefighters entered the building to put out a fire. Some cats remain missing this evening, as most recuperate from smoke inhalation at the county shelter.

Fire broke out at the Animal Aid Humane Society in Moline, Illinois on Monday night, sending most residents of the all volunteer no-kill facility running from the smoke filled building as firefighters entered, Shelter Director Cathy Moorhouse says everything was turned off for the night, and she can’t imagine how the fire started, though the FD says it was electrical.

Eleven FIV  kitties perished, and several cats are recovering from the effects of smoke inhalation today. Firefighters treated some cats with pet oxygen masks at the scene. The shelter housed about 80 cats and a few dogs at the time of the fire.

Volunteers searched for missing cats today and by late afternoon, most were staying at the county shelter. 18 cats were still missing earlier this evening. Cathy Moorhouse says volunteers are devastated and continued, “It’s a nightmare, it is somebody’s worse nightmare. Just so upsetting,” Some cats had lived at the shelter for several years, and all are well known to volunteers.

There has been no word yet on plans to repair the shelter facility; today was dedicated to finding the cats and taking them to safety.

Animal Aid Humane Society is accepting donations, which can be made HERE. Animal Aid Humane Society also maintains a Facebook page.


Report from early this morning, with footage of  firefighters and rescue efforts at last night’s fire.


Report from later today, on the search effort for the cats still missing, and an update on the cats at the county shelter.

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