Shelter and Relief Supplies Come by Waggin

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Debra Gabbard of Memphis cries as she drops off her cat Dusty at the temporary shelter PetSmart Charities and ASPCA have established to house displaced animals after the devastating storms in the region. (Source: PetSmart Charities)

PetSmart Charities‘ Emergency Relief Waggin Program has come to the assistance of pets affected by tornadoes and flooding in areas of the US South and Midwest.

Somewhere near 7,000 cats, dogs and horses are considered to have been displaced from their homes or injured, and the emergency program has dispatched seven of their vehicles with 53-foot trailers carrying 16 tons of cargo to rescuers for emergency aid. Each Relief Waggin unit is stocked with $60,000 woth of donated supplies. The American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (ASPCA) is the lead agency in this effort and is distributing donated supplies to disaster-struck areas.

The Emergency Relief Waggin’ vehicles have been sent to centrally located Memphis, Tennessee, where animal-rescue teams will operate emergency animal shelters. The vehicles are stocked with critical supplies, including pet food, wire crates, plastic carriers, fenced kennels, bowls, leashes, fans, a generator, a battery charger and lights to aid the animal rescuers on scene.

At the request of local authorities and animal welfare groups, the ASPCA has deployed responders to Faulkner County, Arkansas; Franklin County, Kentucky; Pemiscot County, Missouri; and Shelby County, Tennessee, to organize temporary shelters and transport the emergency supplies provided by PetSmart Charities.


According to Executive Director Susana Della Maddalena, “PetSmart Charities also dispatches teams of specially trained volunteers to the scene. The volunteers are able to unload supplies and set up the temporary shelters very quickly, enabling on-the-ground rescuers to immediately attend to the animal victims. We are happy to be able to assist in this way and help these animal victims receive the care and comfort they need and deserve.”

We hope that the result of this joint effort will be that many animals do receive the care and comfort they need and deserve, and that those who have become lost become reunited with their families.

4 thoughts on “Shelter and Relief Supplies Come by Waggin”

  1. The bond that we share with our animals is so incredibly strong. If you’ve never loved an animal, you just can’t begin to imagine how it feels to love – and lose such a precious member of your family. I’m so glad that Petsmart and ASPCA have come to the aide of these precious little lives.

  2. I just knocked off some things on my shopping list that we really dont need…a savings of $25.00 to donate to ASPCA instead.

  3. how wonderful! glad to see help going to these people. it’s great to see they don’t need to worry if their animals are safe, fed and warm. they have enough to worry about. god bless them all.

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