She’ll Be Home For Christmas

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A beautiful tabby cat who looks like a Maine Coon mix stood in the rain Sunday night in Everett, Washington, near Pacific Avenue and Grand Avenue. She was found by a staffer from Everett Animal Shelter and given a microchip scan, which identified her as Clair, beloved kitty of Loni Fitzgerald and family.

Loni was fighting cervical cancer when she  adopted Clair in 2010, and the young cat was her special companion during that time. “She was like my baby,” Lori said. “I just loved her.” Lori beat the challenge and went on to have a baby girl. Her cancer has been in remission for a year.

Clair disappeared last December and, a year later, was found 7 miles from home. She appears to be healthy and her whereabouts during the time she was missing remain a mystery.

Lori, her husband, and 1 year old Faith Olivia, were reunited with Clair at the shelter on Monday afternoon. The images from the reunion show that the bonds of love were not lessened or forgotten over the past year.

Lori said that when she got the call saying Clair had be found, “I was in shock, I seriously started bawling my eyes out. I just couldn’t believe it.”





Photos, Dan Bates



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  1. Through tears of joy for both the human person and the fur person, I read this story. What a wonderful Christmas present for both.

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