Sharron’s Relaxing Shower

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These two Siamese cats in the UK apparently don’t like it when their mum takes a shower.

21 thoughts on “Sharron’s Relaxing Shower”

  1. That is sooooo funny! It seems it’s the big one that gets in a right tizz and the little one is following the big one and nipping him/her every now and again. Wonder why they are so stressed with the shower?

  2. Open the door and see what happens. If they come in and get wet they might leave you alone! If they enjoy the water take some cat shampoo in there with you!!! lol

  3. I have never seen cats talk that much or that loud. Is that trait of Siamese cats? My 5 kitties barely meow at all unless they want wet food or treats. I’ve seen and worked with a lot of kitties, but this is a first for me. That was a great video.

  4. Siameeeezzeeee, IF U Pleeezeeeee! Notice the lite One is very much into pleazing the Darker One!! ^..^ ^,,^

  5. What if you take a bath? I agree with Andrew. Maybe they want in the shower. Our cat has never been given a bath but avoids the tub and shower when water is running. She will go out in the rain and doesn’t mind it, unless there is thunder and lightning or if it rains hard.

  6. I dont have a Siamese but my humane society orange tabby “Tom” does this also..hehe…he will paw through the curtain and meow loudly and nonstop until im done showering and reopen the curtain….

  7. why doesnt she let them come in? the mom is really bothered and the baby is is just freaking out coz mom is going nuts. hahaha she tried every side to =see if she could get inside. I love it!!!

  8. So, it looks as if the male is worried for you and the female wants him to stop worring also. Maybe he wants to be in there with you. My cat loved water! It was all I could do to keep him out of the tub, so when I got out, he would get in! Cats are so awsome!!

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