Shanghai to Los Angeles Stowaway Kitten Ni Hao Recovers

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3 month old Ni Hao was nearly unconscious when he was found at the LA County end of the long sea journey across the Pacific on July 11. Shelter staff say he is making a remarkable recovery, and is beginning to regain the use of his legs.

Ni Hao is in the care of LA County’s Carson Animal Care Center after his very long sea journey from China to the US. The kitten made the trip without food or water. While we had hoped that updates on Ni Hao would be positive, we were not entirely sure that would be then case.

Thankfully, the little kitten who had obviously suffered as a result of his ordeal, is looking and feeling much better, is showing playfulness, and is beginning to stretch and use his front and hind legs and to begin the process of walking. There has been no word on possible organ damage. There is a problem with one eye, though Ni Hao still has vision in the eye.

Photos and brief updates at the  County of Los Angeles Department of Animal Care and Control Facebook page demonstrate a marked improvement in the kitten’s appearance and demeanor, and the hopefulness of his caregivers.

On Wednesday, reporters were invited to the Carson Animal Care Center for an update and the announcement that the shelter is looking for a foster caregiver to take over the kitten’s care until he can be released from mandatory quarantine, and he is ready to be adopted. The shelter has a long list of potential adopters on hand. NiHao is now nearly 4 months old but his development has been somewhat delayed because of the circumstances of his journey.

Ni Hao is said to have a good appetite and to be very affectionate and loving.


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Before: Photo from July 11

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