Shaman Kitty Anoints Kittens

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Only the white cat knows the mysterious meaning of the ritual that appears to be performed over these two youngsters.  It seems well thought out.  Certainly it must be somewhat practiced as the moves look to be deliberately repeated.  The kittens have no apparent objections, willing acolytes to ceremony and deference to their elder.  Only until a human moves into the space is the rite disrupted.  The white cat looks at the human, then the camera, as if to question that the viewer saw what the viewer thinks they saw rendering a hypnotic suggestion akin to “ignore the man behind the curtain” or “there’s nothing to see here, folks.”

Perhaps it was a peek into something sacred?  Perhaps it was just play?  It is most likely we will never know and can only speculate as to the magnitude, or silliness, of this display.

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