Shackleford the Cat – A Rescue Story

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Shy ‘Shackleford’ Rescued from Car Engine: Cat Amputee Needs Special Adopter

A gray-and-white cat that was once inside a car engine is now inside an adoption cubicle at the Riverside County California Department of Animal Services’ main animal shelter looking to be adopted by a special family.

“Shackleford” the Cat, as he has been nicknamed, was rescued by animal control officer Will Luna back in early March. The March 9 rescue effort in Eastvale took almost an hour because the cat had tangled himself in some wiring inside the engine. Officer Luna was forced to retrieve the cat by going underneath the two-door sedan and cutting the wiring.

“When we all realized the cat was snagged by something inside the engine, the owner of the car gave me permission to do whatever was necessary to save the cat – even if meant some damage to the car,” Officer Luna said. “They were more concerned about the cat than the car.”

Wires were wrapped around the back left leg. When he was brought to the shelter, the veterinary team examined him and the injury to the leg. The cat was also dehydrated and staff provided the feline fluids to help his recovery.

Upon further review of the leg, vet staffers determined the tightly wrapped wiring had caused permanent ligament damage. Veterinary Dr. Victoria Valdez performed an amputation on March 16 and the cat’s recovery went well. Dr. Valdez was so enamored by Shackleford and concerned for his full recovery, she fostered the cat for several weeks.

The only significant challenge for 5-month-old Shackleford is that he is somewhat shy, possibly a bit fearful. Chances are he was a feral wanderer before he meandered inside a car engine. But Officer Luna’s experience with the cat worked out well, despite the challenging rescue.

“When I first got him, I thought he might freak out,” Officer Luna said. “But he was more scared than anything.”


Watch Shackleford and his story:

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