SF Bay Area Cat Hitches Ride to Circus Circus Hotel and Casino in Reno NV

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Devon Hayzlett and Ponyo pose for the camera at Washoe County Regional Animal Services on Tuesday, August 28.

Devon Hayzlett and her husband had not even noticed that 2 year old Ponyo was missing when they got a call from Washoe County Animal Services about their pet. Ponyo was seen at her Dublin, CA home on the night of August 26, but by the afternoon of the 27th she’d been spotted in the valet parking area of the Circus Circus hotel and casino in Reno, NV. A security officer at the hotel called animal services out of concern for the kitty’s well being. Because Ponyo has both a microchip and ID tags with her family’s phone number, animal services was able to call the family right away to let them know their pet was safe and had been found. Devon and her husband initially had a hard time believing that Ponyo had traveled so far, so they double checked by verifying that the phone number they were called from matched that of Washoe County Animal Services, then they visited the shelter’s online found pets listings and saw Ponyo there.

Devon made the four hour 220 mile drive the following day and reclaimed her wandering pet. Everyone assumes Ponyo must have hitched a ride with a neighbor who had made a trip in that direction.

Safely back home.




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