Seemingly lifeless cat is revived following house fire

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Four pets were rescued from a burning Prineville, Oregon home last week, including a cat who appeared lifeless until being revived with CPR. NewsChannel 21’s Kandra Kent and a videographer were on hand to capture the animals’ rescue.

Firefighters tackled the fire at the Prineville home last Thursday, working to battle the flames from the top of the house and to rescue the pets from the bottom level.

“(A neighbor) came over and told me the dogs were still in the house,” said a neighbor who came by after smelling smoke.

The neighbors told firefighters the woman who lives in the home was out of town, her son was at school for the day, and three dogs and a cat were trapped inside.

“I tried to go in and get them, but I know better then to open a burning door,” said neighbor Laurel Russell.  “I figured they’d be dead.”

Firefighters broke through the front door to rescue the pets, and the dogs were led outside through the back. The cat was found about 15 minutes later and was feared dead from smoke inhalation.

Laurel Russell noticed signs of life, howerer, as the cat lay on the lawn.

“When I looked over there, I saw its chest was barely moving, so I went over, scooped that sucker up and gave it mouth-to-mouth,” Laurel said. “And it came out of it and started breathing.”

Laurel too all four animals to Crooked Tails Veterinary Clinic for followup care, and said all appear to be in good shape.

Fire officials say the fire started in an upstairs bedroom and the house is a total loss.

Lori Rutledge wrote at the KTVZ NewsChannel 21 Facebook page on December 12, identifying herself as the homeowner and petparent, and thanking those who helped at the scene of the fire, saying: “That was my house. Thank you Laurel and Crook County Fire and Rescue! I am home tonight and my fur babies are safe. Stuff can be replaced. Lives cannot.”

The following day, Lori added:”Now looking for a place to live. Have my babies home and a roof over my head for now.”



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