Search for BeeBop Missing Cat Narrows

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Missing from 26 Willow Place, Willowtown – Brooklyn Heights, NY.
$3,000 CONFIDENTIAL CASH REWARD being offered for missing BeeBop’s safe return. NO QUESTIONS ASKED. Call 917-837-6899

BeeBop is the distinctively marked tuxedo cat who disappeared from Brooklyn Heights, NY on Fourth of July weekend, 2011 and has been the object of his guardian’s search ever since.

The campaign dedicated to the search includes networking from the Where is BeeBop? Facebook page, as well as intensive and continuous efforts on the ground. Local supporters have gone door to door, have spoken with people on the street, have repeatedly posted updated posters, have promoted the reward for the missing cat, and have sought media coverage on the case.

Now, nearly a year and a half after BeeBop went missing, the search has narrowed to a person suspected of holding BeeBop very close to the place where he was last seen.

The holiday weekend came early in 2011, and coincided with Cathy Sheehan’s move from her apartment in Brooklyn Heights to Maine.  BeeBop slipped out of the house during the move and, with a June 30 deadline to vacate, Cathy could not stay to wait for his return.

Neighbors reassured Cathy they would look for BeeBop, and they succeeded in finding him and securing him with food and water and a carrier in the basement of a theatre in the neighborhood. Cathy’s elation turned to utter disappointment and worry when she arrived at the theatre on Monday morning and discovered that BeeBop was gone. Early on it was thought that someone accidentally left a door open,allowing him to escape. The actual case may be more sinister.

We have followed the search for BeeBop via the Facebook page since shortly after he went missing. This June we spoke at length with Cathy Sheehan in preparation for our earlier story on BeeBop, Where is BeeBop? A Year Later The Question Remains, posted near the time of the one year anniversary of his disappearance. During our conversation with Cathy we learned that a person known as a cat collector lives in the neighborhood, close by to both Cathy’s old home and the theatre from which BeeBop disappeared. Though efforts had been made to communicate with the alleged cat collector, no one associated with the search had been inside the person’s home.

The word around the neighborhood in June was that someone had taken BeeBop in to their home. Cathy was able to share that with us at that time. Though the search remained wide open, the team also pursued the lead telling them that BeeBop was being kept inside a building very near his former home. Posters and a video began to stress that BeeBop was likely being held in  the neighborhood. A $2,000 reward waited for anyone who could help bring BeeBop home.

Finally fed up with a stalled search, despite active and continual engagement both online and offline, Team BeeBop recently decided to take off the white gloves and target their efforts to the person widely believed to be holding the missing cat, calling them out as far as they are able. As has been the case all along, Cathy has absolutely no interest in pressing charges or otherwise punishing the person holding BeeBop; she just wants her cat back and she will not give up on getting him.

September 25 video made by Timothy Szul.


Recent developments include the following:

  • A bold decision to come out publicly asking the alleged cat collector to return Beebop, and asking the neighborhood association to act.
  • A Thanksgiving week limited time upping of the reward to $3,000. A donor will pitch in the additional $1k if the case opens up by Sunday Nobember, 25, 2012.
  • The search for Beebop was shared at the popular Lil bub Facebook page
  • The Brooklyn Heights Blog published a short post titled ‘Does “Cat Hoarder” on Willow Place Have BeeBop?’


November 16: This is 21, 23, 25 and 27 State Street. This is the tiny block that connects Willow Place and Columbia Place. BeeBop lived around the corner on the left hand side in this pix, 4 doors down at 38 Columbia Place. Mickel’s Garden is on the left in this pix where BeeBop crossed through. BeeBop was seen at this corner. Documented fact. Let’s get him to his new home where he belongs!!!


November 19: Our attorney told us we can pretty much say whatever we want as long as we don’t make any accusations! So, here is 45, 47, 49, and 51 Willow Place. This a few doors across from the theater at 26 Willow Place. ALLEGEDLY there is a cat “collector” there. ALLEGEDLY he/she says they do not have BeeBop!!! What do you think??? Is a cat “collector” ALLEGEDLY keeping our BeeBop???


Team BeeBop posted the following at facebook on November 20:

We have been nice for a long time. Now we are going to be naughty. YOU ALL KNOW WHO YOUR CAT “COLLECTOR” IS ON WILLOW PLACE. Surely, there is one mature, responsible adult (nudge nudge wink wink) who can step up and make a public plea for the return of missing BeeBop to his owner. Maybe a respected member of the “Community Group” could do this??? We will do whatever you want. But, you may have noticed our support is growing throughout NYC. Until BeeBop is returned to his owner and as long as we have oxygen to breath, we will NOT stop. The spotlight will be on you!!! Thank you!!!


We are THRILLED that our BENEFACTOR has extended her $3,000 CONFIDENTIAL CASH offer to SUNDAY, November 25 at NOON. Gives us more time to get the word out!!! Please everyone SHARE SHARE SHARE wherever you can! On your favorite cat page, in your favorite cat group, etc. WE MUST TAKE ADVANTAGE OF THIS OFFER. This is a lot of money for somebody’s trouble. We are looking for the one person in WILLOWTOWN BROOKLYN to step up, show some leadership and get our BeeBop back!!! Thank you!!!


We continue in our hopes that someday soon the case will open up and Beebop can be reunited with Cathy Sheehan. The best way to keep abreast of the case, for those interested, is through the Where is Beebop? Facebook page.


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