Scooter Missing Joplin Tornado Cat Finally Home 109 Days Later

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Dedicated Joplin MO animal rescuer Lisa Butler cares for the lost and the orphaned cats who became homeless and separated from their families in the May 22 tornado that destroyed part of the city. She is part of a network that feeds, cares for, traps, fosters, and matches lost and found pets.

There are still many cats living on the streets in Joplin, hungry and exposed to the elements, and skittish from the frightening and destructive force of the tornado that caused their homes and families to suddenly disappear. A local store, Pet Warehouse, has set up a gift certificate account so people can contribute to help the rescuers feed and care for these cats. Contributions can be made by phone or mail, to Pet Warehouse, 2207 West 7th Street, Joplin, MO , (417) 781-8100.

We can see in this illustration how networking and passing of tidbits can pay off big time. Lisa shared Scooter’s happy outcome and how it came about: “Scooter is his name, and 109 days later, he is home. Ramona Shields called us about her cat near 24th and Connor. While looking for cats with Bobbi, Bobbi mentioned she had this cat, and Ramona said it might be her friend’s cat, Marilyn Frazier, who also lived in the area. She called Marilyn, Marilyn called Bobbi and asked if she could come over last evening about 10 pm. Scooter is her cat. Do you believe in miracles???”

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