Scary Socks

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The other cats don’t see what the fuss is all about.

18 thoughts on “Scary Socks”

  1. This is a cute video, some of our cats also get spooked by odd things like multi colored socks, blankets, etc. and creep up on them like your cutie did! Too funny when he/she hooks the sock with the claw and scares him/herself….LOL…cats are so funny at times aren’t they?

  2. Love this — especially when Mom comes over to see what on earth is wrong with her child, checks out the sock for danger, then walks away. And then….. ANOTHER SCARY SOCK!

  3. This is hilarious! The other cats’ reaction really makes it funny. And the second sock at the end is like the cliffhanger at the end of a horror movie.

  4. This video is priceless! That poor silly baby so scared and the other cats so nonchalant are what make it so great. I just laughed right out loud it was so cute.

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