Save a Greek Stray Deals With Animals of the Street

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Greece has a horrible problem with stray animals and with that comes the health complications inherent with any situation of that type.  Local rescue organizations have been working furiously to do whatever they can to work with this population.  Tristan and Isolde were found on the street, their eyes not yet opened. They were brought into the shelter very early, but are an example of some of the challenges that are currently happening in the stray population due to a variety of issues in a country that is trying to get stabilized economically.

Save a Greek Stray shares the following on their website:

Become an active member of our community; your will and strength will help improve the strays’ standards of living.  Moreover, the love you shall receive in return by helping out a vulnerable animal is priceless.  

Volunteerism along with any form of offering is essential to our social welfare and builds up solidarity amongst each other. In the field of saving strays, volunteers have so much to offer!

You can help us in the following ways:

1. Offering hospitality to an animal
If you are unable to provide a lifelong commitment to an animal, alternatively you may offer your home for a limited period of time, specifically until its recovery has been concluded. However, it is imperative to consider that offering hospitality to animals is as important as adopting and must be decided wisely and with absolute awareness of the responsibility one is undertaking. The frequent changing of environment as well as the animal’s return to confinement inevitably creates anxiety and insecurity, therefore the temporary adopter has to commit to housing the dog up until its adoption.
2. Spending time with the animals within our Shelter’s premises
You are more than welcome to inform us on your availability and we will contact you for further information.
3. Food and medicine
If you are able to offer food, medicine or any other items kindly contact us in order to be informed about the Shelter’s needs.
4. Veterinaries
Vets who wish to volunteer their services are welcome to contact us
5. Financial Support
You could make a contribution to assist Save a Greek Stray’s non profit endeavors through Paypal.

The country has been in a financial crisis for some time now, and as often happens with weakened economies and job loss, many animals suffer from those circumstances.  Many people can either no longer care for their animals and discard them in a variety of ways.  Some may be given to family and friends that can continue to love and care for the animal, others will be surrendered to an animal organization, but many will wind up on the street.  Coupled with the existing stray population, is a recipe for catastrophic results on multiple levels.  Add the challenges brought by immigrants traveling into Greece seeking refuge and any animals that have may come along the way, and issues increase exponentially. Greece is experiencing critical problems that run the gamut.

For more information about Save a Greek Stray, please check out the links, below.  If you have plans to travel to that region and are looking to do some type of service or volunteer work as part of your experience, there is information on the website, about how you may help in that capacity.

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