Sasha Injured Stray Cat Returns Home After News Feature Finds His Family

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An injured stray was brought to a vets practice that cared for him, amputated a leg that could not be saved, and offered him for adoption. A newspaper story helped reunite Sasha aka Monty with his family.


An injured 2 year old stray tuxedo cat had obviously been hit by a car when he was found by a Good Samaritan on Cannon Hill Lane in Wimbledon, UK and taken to Park Veterinary Practice in Raynes Park for care.

Park Vets staffers called him Monty and set about helping the boy who had no collar or microchip. The cat was in a lot of pain, not able to use one of his hind legs and had a wound on his hip.

X-rays found that three of his toes were fractured, he had a fractured hip, and the nerve to the injured back leg had been damaged.

The vets had hoped to be able to repair Monty’s fractured toes and hip, but after waiting a week, keeping him comfortable and out of pain while waiting for the infection in the wound to clear up, they determined that the nerve damage to the leg was too severe, and not improving, so they decided to amputate his injured leg.

Park Vets team member Peter Lennox operated on July 2, and by the next day Monty was recovering well. The newly three-legged cat was already standing again by July 3 , though with a bit of uncertainty at first, and was relearning how to balance his weight.

Monty was made available for adoption, with his story being told and Park vets staffers describing him very brave, handsome, and with a lovely nature.

An article in the Wimbledon Guardian on July 12 told Monty’s story and let readers know that he was looking for a new home. Vets Practice Manager Clair Newton noted in the article that three legged cats can get around just fine, running and climbing like other cats.

A neighbor of the Hallett family, who live near Cannon Hill Lane where the injured cat was found, recognized the cat as the Hallett’s boy Sasha and showed the newspaper article to their neighbors. The Hallett’s confirmed that Monty was indeed Sasha and contacted Park Vets.

Sasha has now been microchipped, and has been reunited with his family.

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