Sasha: Former stray finds new life as library cat

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Sasha the library cat.  Photo via Door Township library at Facebook


A young former stray has found a new home and a new life as a library cat. Sasha now has many friends and is the purrfect ambassador for two libraries and for pet adoption. She literally fell into her new position.

Natalie Bazan is Director of the Hopkins District and Dorr Township Libraries in Allegan County, Michigan, where Sasha now divides her time. Natalie’s mother found Sasha one day this past autumn.

“She was taking a walk through one of the parks in the city, and she heard a meowing up in the tree and down comes Sasha,” Natalie told a reporter from WWMT Newschannel 3.

“My mom called me up and said ‘Hey, can you do something with this kitten?'”

“She became our library cat,” Natalie said.

“She’s traveled between the two libraries every day for a couple months.”

“People love coming in and playing with her. They’ve brought toys, they’ve brought food, treats, all kinds of stuff. It’s just wonderful.”

“We’re hoping to use her to draw attention to the Humane Society. We’re looking to do a Humane Society drive for this Christmas season. And we’re asking people to bring in donations, because she was a homeless cat.”

In addition to raising awareness for homeless pets, Sasha has become an ambassador for the library and is helping to welcome new visitors, who come to see her and learn about helpful and engaging services at their local library while they are there.

The 8 month old Japanese Bobtail with a strikingly distinctive look, “brings people in that won’t necessarily usually come to the library. They like to come in search her out and play with her. They get used to coming in and then they can use our resources and realize what we have here. She’s a gateway to the library,” Natalie said.

To accommodate library users who do not like cats or are allergic, there are cat free zones in the two libraries and cat free days.


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