Samson and the cat grass

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He loves it! He’s not allowed outside unsupervised, but goes for walks on a leash.


Samson loves his cat grass, but he enjoys it in a somewhat unconventional way … lounging on it instead of nibbling it.

“Started growing some ‘catgrass’ for our indoor cat,” writes Reddit user misscaptainalex, in her introduction to her cute pics (shown here), which show him lounging on his little patch of green. His clever petmom has a backup pot of grass so that one pot does not suffer from being crushed too much of the time.

Misscaptainalex chatted back and forth in comments at Reddit, where she gave more info on her cat, including these comments:

“Samson is happy being an indoor cat; if we let him outside, he immediately wants to come back in, and is more than happy to be on someone’s lap.”

“He doesn’t care for catnip, weirdly. He is chipped, and the three times he has gotten outside without us noticing, he sat immediately outside the door and wailed.”

“He’s awesome! Super playful and loves to be on laps. He’s very dog like (he fetches, walks on a leash, and knows some commands), so we often call him our puppycat.”

“We’ve got a second one [pot of cat grass] going; he eats/lays in it enough to kill it, so switching them out seems to give them a little break to recuperate.”

Um… I guess that looks sort of comfortable?


Ok, pal, whatever makes you happy.


Here is the original Imgur slideshow for the photos seen above:

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