Sadie and Lyla Prove Love Knows No Bounds

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Here’s some cute and sweet dog and cat love between Sadie Cavalier King Charles Spaniel and Lyla, the kitten whose life she saved when she adopted her.

Lyla, the cute black kitten seen here in the two videos uploaded by the duo’s family this week, was found in June, lying on the pavement reportedly starving and dying, and with a head injury. Sweet Sadie adopted Lyla, saved her life by nursing her, and adopted her as her very own.

We love their two sweet videos.

The girls live in Ireael but their story is universal.


Sadie, Sadie, Sadie … sweet patient  Sadie. Rambunctious Layla wants to give her adoptive Mama a bath and is a total, totally adorable, pain about it. The kitten returns the favor of being uncooperative when Sadie wants to groom her, too. We love the paw action on Sadie’s part when she tries to hold her kitten in place. It’s all done with a wonderful familiarty and love, though.


Sadie takes her duty as Mama very seriously. There’s less action in this video of nursing time (though kitty looks old enough to be weaned, so maybe she’s snuggling), but a world of sweetness.

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  1. What a great Mummy~! Shame we can’t ALL get along like this. Someday every knee will bow, Athiests alike and we will live in peace and harmony~!

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