Sabrina Gets a Home

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Sabrina was in rough shape when she was rescued recently after spending months as a stray. The poor Persian was so severely matted and infested she had to be shaved, but she captured the public’s attention and now has a home.


Sabrina got a lot of attention when she was rescued last week after she was brought to the Wellington, NZ SPCA’s Newtown Centre. A Porirua resident managed to capture Sabrina when she took shelter under the woman’s house. Neighbors said the cat had been seen under and around their houses for several weeks, and the SPCA says that based on her condition, Sabrina must have been homeless for months.

The Wellington SPCA sees only a few Persians in the course of a year and says it is most unusual to see a Persian living as a stray. The also noted that Persians as a breed tend to be pampered indoor cats and do not generally have outdoor survival skills. While news coverage calls Sabrina a purebred, the Newtown Centre described her as a Persian mix when she first arrived.

Huge, filthy, flea and mite infested tufts of hair came off as Sabrina was shaved, but she became instantly more comfortable without the tangled mass causing discomfort and inhibiting her movements. While Sabrina was not looking her best after the shave, with her bare body, furry legs, and fluffy head, she endeared herself to everyone who met her or heard her story.

Now, just days after being found, Sabrina has been adopted by someone who saw her when she was on her own. Krystal Farland, of Plimmerton, saw Sabrina running down the street new her home two weeks ago and says the cat later came near her house looking for food. Krystal contacted the SPCA about adopting Sabrina as soon as she heard that she had been brought to the shelter.

The SPCA waited seven days for Sabrina’s owner to come forward to reclaim her and says that the widespread publicity should have made her easy to spot for her former owner. When no one came forward, Sabrina was okayed for adoption.

Sabrina is described as being laid back and affectionate, and many people, including some SPCA staffers, expressed interest in adopting her; but Krystal put her name in first, and was chosen to give Sabrina a home.

Video report on Sabrina’ story.

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  1. Persians are not usually found as strays. And one was seen for quite a while before anyone did anything to help her. See her story and videos which show she’ll be fine-thank goodness.

  2. love the fact that is has a new home but pity the poor babies that dont find homes because they are not glamorous!!!

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