S.O.S.- Save the Strays of Sandy

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Guardians of Rescue created the video slideshow below with images taken over the course of their efforts saving and caring for animals, distributing pets food and supplies, and helping residents affected by Hurricane Sandy on Long Island and neighboring NYC boroughs. Guardians also wrote the accompanying text.

The video was uploaded on Thursday of this week. The group has been busy since then, rescuing animals and providing cat shelters to replace those destroyed by the storm.

Residents in some areas are still without the basic necessities of life, including heat and power. Some say they feel they’ve been forgotten.
In addition to their website, the group maintains an active Guardians of Rescue Facebook page. Those who follow the page closely may recognize many of the images in the video.

Hurricane Sandy has left hundreds of pets homeless. When Hurricane Sandy reached the region on October 29, 2012 and the water flooded the coastal areas, many pet owners were faced with the unthinkable, and have been separated from the animals they love so much. Some pet owners felt that they could ride out the storm at home, and others just had no way of getting to the evacuation centers that had been set up. As people fled their homes as the water came in, they were separated from the animals they loved so dearly. Other families that did evacuate now have no home to return to, and have nowhere to go with their four legged family members while they rebuild.

From the moment the winds picked up on Long Island, Guardians of Rescue members were out in the field assisting animals and families affected by the storm. Guardians of Rescue has since responded in New York City, Brooklyn, Queens, Staten Island, and Long Island to zones affected by Hurricane Sandy.

From picking up injured and abandoned animals and rushing them to veterinarians, to providing pet food to people who were not able to get out of their homes, they have been on call 24/7. They were the first Animal Rescue Organization to provide assistance to the heavily damaged area of Midland Beach in Staten Island. On November 3, 2012, when no one else would answer calls for help, Guardians of Rescue members drove from Port Jefferson, NY to Staten Island to answer their pleas.
Since the storm hit, Guardians of Rescue has assisted over 100 animals and families in need. They have ensured that all injured animals that have crossed their path have received the proper medical care, arranged foster care for families in need, reunited families with missing pets, installed cat houses at cat colony sites, assisted seniors with pet food deliveries, and have dropped off pet food and supplies to pick up stations in the areas hardest hit.

To get assistance, people can visit the Guardians of Rescue web site, call 1-888-287-3864, or email [email protected]. If you want to foster a pet that is displaced due to the storm, email [email protected].

Guardians of Rescue is all volunteer and a registered 501c3. It is solely through donations that Guardians of Rescue is able to provide dog and cat shelters, pet food and supplies, and veterinary care to the animals and their families that have been affected by Hurricane Sandy. To donate, people can visit www.guardiansofrescue.org or donate via PayPal using the email [email protected] . Contributions may also be sent to Guardians of Rescue, 34 East Main St, Suite 303, Smithtown, NY 11787.


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  1. Only one word to describe the people helping the animals and humans affected by Hurricane Sandy….”Special”…xxx

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