Russian Navy Celebrates Cat’s Epic Voyage

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The Russian navy is celebrating a cat that became the first to accompany them on a lengthy trip to the coast of Syria.

Russia’s Ministry of Defense shared a photo of the orange tabby cat seated on the deck of a ship after completing the long journey.

“The first cat, who participated in the long march of the Russian navy warships to the coast of Syria,” the ministry wrote.

Cats have traditionally been brought aboard Russian ships for years primarily to hunt for mice that can cause damage to goods and wooden ship parts.  They also serve the added benefit of keeping sailors company and making them more comfortable and happy during long trips.

The ministry did not reveal the cat’s name and some spectators on Russian social media said they would like to have seen the feline sailor dressed in a traditional white and blue sailor’s outfit.

One user complained, “Just ‘cat’? How come? Such a heroic cat must have a name!”


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