Russell is doing great! Photos

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September 25: “Russell thinking deep thoughts!
He was a bit sleepy when this photo was taken. He can actually open his eyes well now and though there is still a bit of swelling, he is looking much better. “
Photos via Animal Emergency Hospital and Urgent Care at Facebook


A young cat on the mend is doing well and looking great as he completes his recovery from burn injuries.

Thousands of animal lovers have followed Russell on his healing journey after he was severely burned in a fire at his family’s home earlier this year.

Russell, the burn survivor kitty recuperating at Animal Emergency Hospital and Urgent Care in Raleigh, North Carolina, has made steady progress over several months, and is getting ever closer to being fully healed.

Russell’s fur has grown in, his burns have healed and he has had procedures on the skin around both eyes, with the result that he looks ever better and nearly back to normal.

Russell is quite at home at the clinic, but is expected to eventually rejoin his family when he is fully healed.

Here are some recent photos from the past few weeks, showing Russell at the clinic.

We’ve done several updates to Russell’s story as he progresses on his healing journey. You can find the links below.

You can see more, and follow future updates, at Animal Emergency Hospital and Urgent Care’s Facebook page.

October 15: “Russell is helping us celebrate National Veterinary Technician Week by getting some cuddles and love from Brittany!”


October 11: ” Does anything beat fresh laundry, warm from the dryer?”


October 8: “Russell likes to monitor our work from his various “thrones” around the clinic. “


September 28: “Russell enjoys following us around the hospital and talking to us. Brittany was nice enough to give him a ride on her shoulders so he could express his opinion at face level!”


September 28: “Russell gives us “the look” when we interrupt his bath time. Soon after this photo was taken, Russell’s e-collar was removed for good!”


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  1. The people at the clinic are wonderful. Thanks for taking care of Russell, when I saw the headline I thought someone did it to him. Thankk god it was a fire. There are WAY to many animal abusers who get off scott free.

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