Rudolph the Cat Injured Seeking Warmth on a Car Engine

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Most of us have seen kitties climb up on the outside of the hoods of  cars with engines still warm from being run.  We hear about cats going for rides after they’ve climbed up into the engine compartment, unbeknownst to the driver.  Sadly, we also hear of cats who climb up into the engine compartments and suffer injuries or worse.

Rudolph was injured when he sought warmth on a car engine in Brooklyn last week.  He got caught in the engine and suffered leg injuries when the car owner unwittingly started the engine. An officer from the NYC ACC  and several helpers freed Rudolph, the cat received medical care and he is up for adoption from the ACC.

The ACC has put out a press release with Rudolph’s story, along with a PSA message asking all of us in cool or cold climates or take a moment to bang on the hood of our car before starting it up. It’s a simple practice that can save lives.

We know that the NYC ACC is not the most polular organization, due to the steady stream of  “Death Row please pull or adopt” photos, and allegations that they allow respiratory infection to run rampant, but they’re doing right by Rudolph and the reminder to us about cats and cars is worthy.

The story is as follows:

New York – Rudolph, a three-year-old black and white male domestic shorthair cat, was found severely injured on a car engine he was sleeping on top of in Brooklyn last week. Rudolph suffered severe injuries to his front and left hind legs when the car was started. Animal Care & Control of NYC (AC&C) animal control officer rescued Rudolph with the help of several good Samaritans. He was transported to an AC&C clinic where he received emergency veterinary care. Rudolph’s prognosis is good but doctors are watching him closely to see if they can save his hind leg. AC&C needs
donations to pay for Rudolph’s medical care and Rudolph is looking for an adoptive

During the cold weather months free roaming cats will often seek warmth by climbing up inside car engines.

“Without knowing the cat is on their engine a motorist starts the car and the moving parts of the engine cause serious injury and in some cases death to the cat,” said Julie Bank, executive director of Animal Care & Control of NYC. “AC&C reminds motorists, especially those who have cats living with or near them, to gently bang on
the hood of their car before starting it so it gives a cat time to get out before the engine
is started.”
Banging on the car hood can prevent serious injuries to a cat that is seeking warmth and shelter on a car engine.

Cat owners should also keep their cat indoors during inclement weather. Animals can become hypothermic, meaning their body temperature can fall below normal levels, if they are left outside. In cold or bad weather, animals are much safer and happier indoors.
AC&C is asking for donations to pay for Rudolph’s medical expenses. Medical care for injured or ill animals like Rudolph is paid for from donations to AC&C’s Special Treatment and Recovery (STAR) Fund.
If you want to obtain more information about adopting Rudolph, donating to the STAR Fund or becoming an AC&C foster parent please visit, AC&C’s website at .

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  1. So sorry to hear about what happened to you Rudolph. I hope you get well soon and that you find your furrrever home after you recover.

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