Roto Rooter to the Rescue! Kitten Trapped in Vent

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Shadow crawled through a hole below the kitchen sink and became trapped for 15 hours down a vent. Roto Rooter came and rescued her, and shot video from the down the vent using a fiberoptic snake camera.

Springs, CO cat Shadow’s family didn’t know about the little hole she crawled through when she became trapped down an inaccessible vent within the residence. Once again, Roto Rooter men were the heroes who tracked and then rescued the feline.

Shadow’s special girl Isabelle was in school when the men came on Wednesday so her sister called to Shadow during the rescue to help lure her out of the vent.

Here’s the local KKTV feature on the story, which includes some of the fiberoptic camera footage.


Roto Rooter usually performs these rescues free of charge.

5 thoughts on “Roto Rooter to the Rescue! Kitten Trapped in Vent”

  1. Roto Rooter needs a special award for responding to the call. This is the second kitten they’ve rescued this year, that I know of. I know one thing – if I need help, I’m calling Roto Rooter simply because of their continued animal friendly policies.

  2. 15 hours down a vent! poor noisy kitty. curiosity almost got her. and that roto rooter guy was “static!” LOL!

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