Rookie vet saves cat from fatal ‘blocked-tom’ stones

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Less than a year after graduating from vet school at Colorado State, and working at Strasburg Veterinary Clinic, in Strasburg, CO, Dr. Lora Wittenberg encountered her first diagnosis of “blocked tom,” a potentially fatal disease of male cats. The cat was unable to urinate due to stones blocking his urinary tract, and the rookie vet had to relieve the blockage before the cat’s bladder ruptured. Dr. Lora attempted a procedure she had never practiced before, to clear the urinary tract, as the pet’s anxious owners counted the hours in the clinic waiting room in this rural Colorado town, praying for success.

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5 thoughts on “Rookie vet saves cat from fatal ‘blocked-tom’ stones”

  1. Don’t feed fish to cats, esp. male cats. They lack the digestive enzymes to process everything that comes with fish, and the excess minerals cause blockages. Think about it: How many big cats fish in the wild?

  2. I had a cat that died from this he had several days in the hospital having stones removed from his bladder but eventually he died from it. miss my funny little Heckle…I now have my girl cat who has very thick urine and she eats Ur from purina. and I have got her drinking plenty of water from her fountain so so far all is good!

  3. Drinks ‘plenty of water’ but has ‘very thick urine’? How does that work? I would worry a little bit about that… liquid stones?

  4. I agree with a no fish diet for male cats. Mainly, & most important, NO DRY FOOD!!
    My male cat had cystitis twice, with struvite crystals. All dry food was thrown out, even though he was eating both wet & dry. Grain free food is also important & healthier. Cats don’t need carbs, they are carnivorous. My cat had to go on Rx food, also the Purina UR SO.
    I found that to have the least of those Rx food bad ingredients. I also added water to his wet food from the PUR filter to get more into him. In the beginning, I had to give him IV fluids at home every other day, to help flush out the bladder. All of this prevented it from ever getting to the blocked stage. Always pay attention to what’s going on on the litter box, to catch anything early. Our babies depend on us for their care.

  5. I Forgot to mention, it also bothered me that they said that’s how their other cat died.
    Obviously, they need to make some changes with food, etc.. & hope the vet also caught this comment, & took the opportunity to educate them. I hope that light went off in their head, for the sake of that sweet fluffy boy of theirs!

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