Rivers Recovers

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Sweet little Rivers was found last month with two of her legs injured by buckshot, and she is recovering in the care of Heart of the Valley Animal Shelter in Bozeman, Montana.

Rivers and her littermate were about 8 weeks old when a Good Samaritan brought them to Heart of the Valley at the beginning of August. The Samaritan heard shots and then found the kittens. Rivers’ littermate was unharmed, but Rivers was seriously injured. She suffered three broken bones, multiple buckshot wounds, and skin wounds, and has two legs in casts.

Rivers was initially treated at Hardaway Veterinary Hospital, but veterinarian John Weyhrich joined the shelter as staff vet shortly after and took over her care.

Rivers’ front leg is more seriously injured than her hind leg. She will have to keep the cast on her front leg for several weeks longer than the other and is expected to walk with a limp afterward. Her vets first thought they’d have to amputate but are optimistic now that she can keep the leg.

The shelter hopes that River’s abuse will serve as a reminder to the community to teach children to be kind to animals, and not cruel. Rivers is described as being sweet, playful and loving, with a ready purr. Her littermate has already been adopted. Rivers will be made available for adoption when she is healed.

Heart of the Valley Animal Shelter is on Facebook.


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  1. I truly believe there is a very special place in hell for the as*holes who abuse animals. When their judgment day comes, may their trip to that place be as traumatic as all the horror they have given animals! And, those same people probably abuse other people as well, however, we have laws to protect people. We need more laws to protect our furry friends!!

  2. It’s hard to picture some sadistic sociopath shooting a kitten. A helpless kitten. What perverse pleasure could such a psycho case get from such an act? I’m left almost speechless…..

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