Reward Rises in Case of Davie, Cat Shot in Own Yard Who Lost Leg

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Davie, the Philmont NY cat shot in his own yard a month ago is still waiting for justice, as the reward for apprehension of his assailant rises. Davie’s left front leg had to be amputated at the shoulder after he came to the door one night, crying and wounded.

Davie, shown above, was in the news recently after being shot in the leg while enjoying life outdoors in his own yard. He came to the back door, as usual, on the evening of June 11, and was found by his petdad crying and bloody, with the leg irreparably damaged.

Davie’s family worried whether their beloved little companion would make it until morning, with his leg torn and dangling, but he did. Next morning the vet amputated the leg at the shoulder and determined that Davie had been shot with a .22.

The cat is recovered and is now a prisoner in his own home, yet his attacker remains free. The Columbia County Sheriff’s department has taken this case seriously and maintains an open investigation. In aid of the effort, the  New York State Humane Association offered a $500 reward for information leading to the shooter’s arrest and conviction. That reward has been upped to $200 in recent days, thanks to donations. In addition to the extra $200, the increased reward serves to keep Davie’s case in the public eye.

The shooter can face gun counts and charges under Buster’s Law; the shooting can be charged as felony animal abuse.

While there is no evidence that the incidents are related beyond coincidence, at this point, Davie’s petmom said she told police she saw two other cats wounded earlier this year, one injured in the hind leg, the other with a neck wound. She said she tried to coax each of the other two cats into a carrier to take them for help, but was unable to, as they ran off into a nearby tree farm.

Anyone with credible information on the case can contact Deputy Jeffrey Hofstetter at the Columbia County Sheriff’s Office at 518-828-3344.

Davie, one of the lucky ones, is doing fine.

13 thoughts on “Reward Rises in Case of Davie, Cat Shot in Own Yard Who Lost Leg”

  1. I just hurts so much to see how awful some people are to animals. I am so glad that Davie is recovering and is loved and taken care of. He is such a cute boy.

  2. I am so sorry for what Davie has gone through but glad he has loving people who care so much about him. This just strengthens my resolve to do whatever I can to help these innocent creatures.

  3. That monster deserves for the same thing to happen to him. He’s a coward!!!! Pick on a grown man instead of a defenseless cat and see how that works out for you!!!

  4. I am so glad Davie is okay. It’s amazing how animals can adapt to amputated legs, one eye, being blind, deaf, etc. What a brave little man.

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