Reward Rises in Case of Bow, Cat Shot By Arrow

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The reward for information leading to the arrest of the person who shot Bow, the stray cat found pierced by an arrow a week ago in Grand Rapids, Michigan, has now been increased to $3,000. Meanwhile, Bow continues his remarkable recovery.

As Bow, the cat whose story we told in Arrow Pierces Cat: Justice For Bow and Bow The Cat Shot By Arrow Recovers: Doctor Offers Reward, continues his unexpectedly robust recovery under the care of Dr. Bruce Langlois at the Lowell Animal Hospital, the reward for his assailant’s capture has increased and his supporters have mobilized a campaign to achieve justice for bow.

Last Saturday, May 15, Dr. Langlois announced that he personally was offering a $500 reward; now the Humane Society of the United states has pledged $2,500 for information leading to an arrest and conviction of the assailant, bringing the total amount of the reward to $3,000.

This development shows that Bow’s supporters, as well as the HSUS, can use Bow’s brutal shooting to publicize the plight of abused and attacked animals, while seeking justice for just one cat in just one case; but it is a case that matters mightily to the little former stray’s devoted advocates and friends.

Supporters now mobilized under the Justice For Bow mantle have blanketed the surrounding area with wanted poster flyers.

Dr. Langlois estimates Bow, who was known to and fed by residents in the city neighborhood where he was found by someone who knew him, is about 8 years old and appears to have been a stray for all or most of his life. Though just days ago Dr. Langlois cautioned that Bow’s recovery could be severely compromised by infection with possible sepsis after the arrow’s removal, especially since Bow was weak and had wandered around with the arrow through him for a few days, the vet removed Bow’s IV and drain on Monday, and the cat is eating, drinking and playing.  He could possibly be ready for adoption in a couple of weeks.

This note with a positive report on Bow’s condition as of May 17 comes from Carol of Carol’s Ferals, the organization which has taken responsibility for Bow.  It is as found at the Justice For Bow Facebook page.

I got to see Bow this evening when dropping off cats at Animal Hospital of Lowell. He looks so much better with his tube out. The wounds are healing over and he’s eating well. He’s quite shy….but I suspect any cat would be after all he’s been through. A brave little soldier to be true. Bow, 60 cats at Carol’s Ferals are pulling for you! ~ Carol

Along with those 60 cats at Carol’s Ferals, people from far and wide are pulling for Bow.

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