Reward Offered in Disturbing Las Vegas Kitten Cruelty Case

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A reward currently set at $1,500 is being offered for information leading to arrests in a disturbing recent animal cruelty case in Las Vegas, Nevada. Local businesswoman Susan Russell is offering $500 and Stacia Newman and her organization Nevada Political Action for Animals are offering $1,000. Gina Greisen with Nevada Voters for Animals said she may pass out fliers at schools near the apartment complex where the incident occurred if an arrest is not made soon. Metro Police and Clark County Animal Control are investigating the case the case.

We have followed this case since the first reports came out several days ago but chose not to share it here until now, as advocates and authorities are asking for the public’s help. The details are sad, from the facts of the incident to the outcome for the babies.

A group of teens were seen throwing rocks at a Mama kitty as she gave birth to six kittens. Only two of the kittens survived, and they succumbed after a couple of days. The story unfolded on the TV news in Las vegas, where KTNV gave updates, so those following from the start had their hopes dashed as the two were unable to survive.

Animal Control found the kittens at the Chapel Hills Apartment Complex and took them to Haven Animal Hospital. Vet tech Patrick Harp was on duty last week when the kittens arrived. He and other staffers were horrified and say it’s the worst cruelty case they’ve seen.”Two of them were actually deceased when they got here. … We ended up having to euthanize another one,” Harp said. No one wants to see any form of animal cruelty, and for something like this to come in, it really breaks your heart.”

Stacia Newman of Nevada Political Action for Animals said, “I would really beg people that live in the complex here don’t be afraid to offer information. Anything that you feel isn’t significant, it might be very important to report that.”

This case follows the kitten drownings in June that saw two boys charged with felony abuse under Nevada’s new law that charges abuse cases as serious crimes. Under Cooney’s Law, harming or killing an animal, even as a first offense, is a felony. The two teens from the earlier case made deals, pleading guilty to felony abuse while having other charges dropped. Those two offenders did not get more than several days jail time; instead they were given punishments amounting to multiple inconveniences.

A section in Cooney’s Law prohibits most of the information in such cases from becoming public. Anyone with information is urged to contact Metro Police or Clark County Animal Control.

The channel 8 report on the reward includes a visit with vet tech Patrick Harp, who was on duty when the kittens arrived at the hospital. The only image of the kittens used in this report is one of the two little ones who briefly survived.

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Cooney’s Law includes all animals kept by someone as companion or for entertainment. Conviction under the Cooney’s Law allows for penalties of one to five years in prison along with a fine of up to $10, 000. Dogs must be 18 months old before they can be bred, and animals up for sale must have their rabies shots.

UPDATE: Police arrested two 11 year olds in the case. An investigation by Metro’s Enterprise Area Command Problem Solving Unit led to the arrests of the boys.The two were arrested on Thursday and booked into Clark County Juvenile Hall. They each face 7 counts of animal cruelty.


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